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The provincial urban ethnic work experience exchange meeting attendees to view
10-22-2014  | Hits

    On October 22, "the province's urban national work experience exchange" was held in zhuhai, 22 afternoon, provincial ethnic affairs leaders and delegates around the city of penglai mid ocean food co., LTD., the view, national unity and progress, in turn, visited the company publicity column, halal restaurant, psychological consulting room, minority cultural activity center, halal food exhibition hall, etc., and watched the national unity advance propaganda video.

     Penglai mid ocean food co., LTD., founded in 2001, covers an area of 240000 square meters. Company has a modern processing workshop 18, is mainly engaged in squid, mackerel, Spanish mackerel, salmon, tuna, shrimp, crab and other aquatic products deep processing, the company in 2012 was identified as "twelfth five-year" national ethnic the special commodity fixed-point production enterprise, the company strictly implement the requirements of the relevant regulation on administration of halal food in shandong province, and according to the hui and other 10 Muslim ethnic minority people's demand for halal food for Marine food research and development design and production. Strictly abide by the provisions on the administration of halal food production workshop. Halal products of raw materials has specialized in processing, processing and so on various processes of production, measurement and transportation; Halal products have obvious halal logo on the package; Production of the finished products stored in a dedicated refrigerator.

     Penglai mid ocean food co., LTD. Is a is composed of the han, hui, yi, and many other ethnic groups of the family. Over the years, the company attaches great importance to the unity of the leading cadres to work, the company's national unity work with its distinctive features and significant results were cited for many times, was named "national unity progress to create activities in the city demonstration enterprise", "yantai model of harmonious labor relations enterprise", "the worker pioneer", "moral construction harmonious civilization enterprise" honorary title.

     Company set up the "" national unity progress activity leading group, completed the minority cultural activity center, stadium, basketball court, a cinema and a series of stylistic facilities, we regularly organize activities such as basketball and tug of war. Major holidays each year to the national minority compatriots, such as the hui nationality of eid al-fitr, torch festival of yi nationality, etc., the company all organized large-scale celebrations, the issuing consolation money for everyone. To respect ethnic customs staff, the company formed a halal restaurant, by the hui nationality chef prepare halal food for everyone. In order to ensure the company all staff's physical and mental health, the company opened a psychological consulting room, free service for all employees, effectively help employees bear the psychological pressure, solve the psychological problems, improve the psychological quality of the staff at the same time, the trained people optimistic, upward spirit, promote the comprehensive development of employees' physical and mental health. To make all employees have a better living environment, the company new employee dormitory building. Create all kinds of facilities and activities of the various nationalities the affection between staff, build the atmosphere of unity and friendship among enterprises.

     In the future, the company as the special commodity fixed-point production enterprise, the company will continue to play in production management, marketing network advantages, vigorously develop new products to market, meet the needs of minority consumers. Company will continue to establish and perfect the unity of the work of a long-term mechanism, closely unite and rely on all staff, emancipate the mind, work diligently, diligently to do a good job of national unity, contribute to the development of ethnic groups.

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