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Penglai jing lu fishery co., LTD., the national food processing industry by the ministry of agriculture demonstration enterprises
06-12-2014  | Hits


       Released on June 12, 2014, the ministry of agriculture on the recognized national staple food processing industry demonstration enterprise (the third batch) notice, decided that penglai Beijing fisheries co., LTD., 100 companies such as for the third batch of "national staple food processing industry demonstration enterprise". There are five companies in shandong province was selected, my company on the list. July 3, the department of agriculture's national large and medium-sized city suburbs promoting communication activities held in tianjin, staple food processing field activities of enterprises were approved.

     In more than 20 years in the development of the company's product quality, technological innovation, intellectual property rights has become the industry leader, is China's aquatic product processing industry one of the largest enterprises. Beijing ocean trademark was identified as the shandong province famous trademark, jing lu ocean brand aquatic products was identified as Chinese famous brand products. Company was awarded the agricultural industrialization national key leading enterprise, national food industry outstanding enterprises, China's aquatic product processing trade enterprises 25 strong, and the national agricultural products processing industry demonstration base, national agricultural products processing enterprise technology innovation mechanism, China quality credit enterprise honor.

     Penglai Beijing fisheries co., LTD will further improve the mechanism, the independent innovation, pay attention to brand, develops the market, to cherish the honor, make persistent efforts, and develop demonstration leading role, further strengthening the construction of production, product standardization, technology modernization, strive to make greater progress, to promote the sustained and healthy development of agricultural product processing industry to make new greater contributions.

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