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PIC from Beijing lu fishery co., LTD
05-07-2014  | Hits
On May 7, 2014, penglai jing lu fishery co., LTD., a PMC bidding meeting fisheries co., LTD. In Beijing conference center a smooth, a total of 30 materials supply from all over the country units to participate in the bid.

         The organization bidding materials involving the production of various types of packaging. Bidding meeting, in strict accordance with the company supplies bidding relevant management measures, in line with the principle of fairness, justice and open the bid opening, sing. According to the results of bid evaluation, evaluation to the bid ranking, and the public to be the winning unit.

        The material from further centralized purchasing work for the company laid a good foundation, at the same time as the penglai Beijing fisheries co., LTD., production provides the material support.

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