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Hui employees celebrating eid al-fitr
07-29-2014  | Hits

 Eid al-fitr also call id al fitr, is one of the three major religious holiday in Islam, is an important feast for muslims around the world. Hari raya is the hui, uygur, kazak, uzbek, a total of ten ethnic traditional festival.

     On July 29, penglai mid ocean food co., LTD. Hui employees for their annual grand festival, eid al-fitr. For the hui nationality employee a good eid al-fitr, the company according to the national festival holiday provisions of the state council, to hui staff the day off. On the day of eid al-fitr, the hui nationality in clothing festival employees, held a solemn HuiLi eid al-fitr. Hui employee to peace, to show up his old dream of festival: pray for peace, good fortune, riches and honour and harmonious!

     In preparation for the hui after eid al-fitr diet employees, the company carefully to buy all kinds of raw materials, the production of holiday dinner, and in 29 noon made a incense and other characteristics of hui nationality pasta and dishes. Company enthusiastic eid banner hanging halal restaurant, all of the hui nationality staff held, eid al-fitr dinner happily.

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