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Jinglu fishery invited to participate in the national customs "Longteng" action site mobilization activities
09-25-2017  | Hits
  In August 22nd, Jinglu fishery invited to participate in the "national customs" dragon "action site mobilization activities" meeting in Qingdao Qingdao customs education and training base.

  Shanghai customs to Jinglu fishery nationwide more than 150 "dragon" action key business representatives introduced "Longteng" action program of work, and on how the enterprise to cooperate with law enforcement of Customs Protection of intellectual property rights to carry out targeted training.

  Beginning in September 1st, the national customs office will carry out a special action on intellectual property protection of enterprises with export intellectual property rights for a period of three months, which is called "dragon's" action. The "dragon" in action, the customs will be exported to Africa, the Middle East, and Latin American route "The Belt and Road export countries and regions along with the main advantages of traditional products; small household electrical appliances, electronic products, mobile phone, engineering machinery, daily necessities, holiday products, specialty goods etc, to carry out special law enforcement and assistance enterprise rights.

  As a key enterprise of national intellectual property advantage enterprises and customs "dragon", will continue to innovate to Jinglu fishery benefits, through the protection of intellectual property rights, promote the development of business enterprises at home and abroad.

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