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Jinglu fishery carry out to "send love and warmth "activities
01-23-2017  | Hits

  In the morning of January 22nd, the company carried out "send love and send warmth" activities to the Liu Gou nursing home for the elderly, and gave them a lot of care at the time of the spring festival.

  The condolences to the old people's homes brought the company's products and cash ten thousand yuan, but also asked the old people of life. Although it is in the cold winter, but the company's care, so that the elderly in the nursing home feel the warmth of the deep. In regards to activities, Vice Mayor Liu Gou Zhen Sun Li, assistant district assistant and geracomiums president Sun company said thanks to.

  Penglai Jinglu fishery Limited company for six consecutive years, to carry out winter homes for the elderly to carry out to send love and warmth "activities, with practical action to the old people brought warmth and happiness, carry forward the traditional virtues of respecting the old, show the good character of Shandong company in Beijing will continue to carry out service activities like this. Let the old man winter is no longer cold, pass the love to the hearts of every employee, let more people pay attention to the vulnerable groups, with more care and warmth to them, let old people healthy and happy old age.

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