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January 22, 2016 in Beijing held the first annual meeting of China's food corporate social responsibility, released 2015 Chinese food corporate social responsibility.
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  January 22, 2016 in Beijing held the first annual meeting of China's food corporate social responsibility, released 2015 Chinese food corporate social responsibility. These outstanding enterprises are the vanguard of fulfilling the social responsibility, and are the example of food enterprises holding social responsibility. To promote more food enterprises to actively fulfill their social responsibilities, Suntech law, to ensure food safety, the newspaper launched "food enterprises to fulfill the social responsibility" column, the depth of X-ray hundred enterprises social responsibility concept, explore the top 100 enterprises of social responsibility, in order for the food enterprises to fulfill social responsibilities provide reference.

  Wang Hong, born in 1953, graduated from primary school in 1966 1968, sea fishing, a boat is 18 years. Start to do the processing of aquatic products on 1985, Wang Hongjian the refrigeration plant, Jinglu fishery company was founded in 1990, 1995 to sea fishing, in 2000 built the main export-oriented processing factory, 2006 built shipyard. Although a lifetime restless, but fate has treated him not thin: enterprise development to the present has a hundreds of patents and national famous brand, well-known commodity, the famous brand of Shandong Province, especially also founded the academician workstation and national research center. The responsibility of caring recently at the annual meeting of the first China corporate social responsibility of food obtained outstanding entrepreneur award and Supply Chain Partnership Award Shandong Penglai Jinglu fishery Co., Ltd. chairman Wang Hong experience perhaps and participants of the bigwigs are different: the fishermen came from, through all kinds of hardships, difficult business, the final success.

  "China's food safety issues are increasingly concerned by the community. Many breeders and growers don't eat their own products. If the enterprise does not attach importance to responsibility, the risk will be more and more big. Enterprise in the heart of responsibility, in action will be responsible for the society, and the enterprise will get unexpected harvest." Wang Hong's understanding of the connotation of corporate social responsibility.

  Wang Hong's success in addition to hard work, but also due to the unique simplicity of the business philosophy. His company was founded in 1985, the corporate culture is also very simple, this is a few decades to love, altruism, from four aspects, pay attention to employee growth, promote enterprise development.

  First is the pursuit of employee satisfaction. Compared with the same industry, so that their employees wages higher, better benefits, so that we do more live happily. In order to achieve this, for several decades, enterprises to provide free food catering, free accommodation, and the birthday cake. These benefits allow employees to take the enterprise as a home. Two is the maximization of performance. Three is well trained. Let the development of enterprises and the growth of employees is proportional to. Enterprises attach great importance to staff training, in the training process to create a learning management team, so that the road to the development of enterprises to go more smoothly. The four is safe for the staff of the Jinglu, equal right to life. Respect for equality, the media often report migrant workers, migrant workers rights cases. In Jinglu company, there is no 'migrant workers' and' migrant 'call, we are all employees, executives are employees, college students is the staff, cleaning staff and employees, so a call to let you feel respected, fight, steal, gambling, alcoholism and other phenomenon exist, more companies go more smoothly. " Wang Hong introduced a unique experience in staff management. Wang Hong spoke of enterprise innovation, said Jinglu company has a shipyard, by learning from the advanced technology in the world, to create the best fishing. Jinglu company under the national policy to encourage and made 12 boats, yield for three consecutive years Ju first in the country, accounted for 30% of the market share. Jinglu company has 18 processing workshops, deep-sea fish products into the Japanese market, and through the relevant EU certification. Enterprises with export standards to do domestic products, to provide safe and reliable seafood, which is a manifestation of social responsibility.

  Is in the provision of food safety measures of enterprises in the future, Wang Hong said, enterprises will continue to use affordable deep-sea fish as raw material, according to strict standards for export processing and production safety of seafood, let more consumers enjoy to value for money of deep-sea fish. He also revealed that enterprises have in day Cat website sale deep-sea products and future consumer online and offline can buy genuine seafood safety.

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