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"Jing Lu ocean" trademark was identified as Zhongguo Chiming Shangbiao
01-07-2016  | Hits

  On June 5, 2015, issued by the Trademark Bureau of the State Administration of industry and commerce file "on the identified" Jinglu ocean and map "trademark is well-known trademarks replied," (trademark Chi Zi [2015]533) marks "Jinglu ocean" trademark was identified as "a well-known trademark in China". This is due to the "Jing Lu ocean" brand products with excellent product quality and high brand awareness.

  "China well known trademark" is the only one in the global scope of the international legal protection of the brand logo. According to the international practices and China's trademark law company "Jinglu ocean and map" trademark was identified as well-known trademarks in China, protected the scope and areas, efforts will be further enlarge and strengthen.

  Since its inception, has been to provide consumers with healthy marine food as a source of brand development, and constantly innovate, improve product quality. The recognition of China's well-known trademark is not only the affirmation of the company's intellectual property protection work, but also lay a solid foundation for further promoting the brand strategy.

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