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Fishery Bureau of Ministry of Agriculture Secretary Zhao Xingwu to visit
04-17-2015  | Hits


     The morning of April 16th, director of the national Department of Agriculture Fisheries Bureau Zhao Xingwu a line of four to our research work in fisheries. The research of Penglai city ocean and Fishery Bureau deputy director Gao Zou and accompanied by. Company chairman Wang Hong said on a visit to the leadership of Penglai Jinglu fishery Co. Ltd warmly welcome.
     In the meeting, Zhao Xingwu listened to the chairman Wang informed, when he learned that the group construction of saury and squid fishing vessel is home to the world's most advanced fishing, he fully affirmed. And watch out for part of the company's products, require the company to produce excellent marine food high quality and inexpensive consumer feedback.  

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