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7 vessels in the 15th dock period
09-29-2014  | Hits
        At 15:30 pm,November 27,2014, the dock of Jinglu Ship Industry began to sluice.There were 7 vessels in the 15th dock period,include three 77m saury/squid fishing boats;two 1200T American tuna purse Seine boats;two official enforcement vessels.  
        At 00:00 on the 28th,dock gate open;at 1:00 in the morning,the first one 77m saury/squid fishing boat(LuPeng YuanYu 089) undocked by the tug towing,then the other vessels undocked smoothly.Employees defied severe cold and rain,finishing the undocking task satisfactorily.
        Two tuna purse Seine boats of this dock out were built for TaiWan ShunHe Fishery Co.,Ltd.,they are the third and fourth tuna purse Seine boats that built by JingLu Shipyard.In early August of this year,Standing Committee of Shandong Province,minister of United Front Work Department,Yan  Shiyuan,attended the signing ceremony of the two vessels.It's another success after the unveiling of"Across the Taiwan Strait(Penglai)fishery cooperation and exchange of demonstration bases".Jinglu Ship Industry will continue to increase exchanges and cooperation in fisheres across the Taiwan Strait,especially offshore vessel construction,better and more in-depth to promote the development of the cross-strait fishery. 
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