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The 7 Vessels on the Fourteenth Dock Period Undocking Successfully in Jinglu Ship Industry
08-25-2014  | Hits
         At 5:30 am, August 24, 2014, the fourteenth dock period undocking successfully in Jinglu Ship Industry. This dock period has 7 vessels including two 64K bulk carriers(Hull No. JL0061/62(B)), two 69m squid angling vessels(Hull No. JL0108/109(F)) and the floating dry dock of Jinglu Ship Industry(Hull No. JL0010) etc.
         At 11:00, August 23, the water was pouring into dock, with the injection of the water the dock gate opened at 17:00 pm, about 18:30 64K bulk carrier-JL0061(B) was the first undock vessel by towboat. And than other vessels also undocking successfully.
        This undocking 64k bulk carrier is another kind of vessel that our Jinglu Ship Industry built for regular customers-Lavinia Group. This is another cooperation after the delivery of twelve 752000 Panamax bulk carriers. We have signed to build eight 64k bulk carriers and four 82k bulk carriers in this cooperation which fully reflected the Lavinia Group’s trust and support to us, also proved the quality and manage credit of our products.
                                                                                                                                                              August 24,2014
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