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Congratulations to “PACIFIC JOURNEY 888” Deep Sea Purse Seiner Delivery and Departure Successfully
10-24-2014  | Hits
        In the morning on October 22, there was sight of beaming at the No.1 quay of Penglai Zhongbai Jinglu Ship Industry. The“PACIFIC JOURNEY 888”(Hull No.JL0090(F) which was the first deep sea purse seiner built by our company departed successfully. The chairman Mr. Wanghong, the president Mr. Yu Zebin, the chief engineer Mr. Sun Zhenlie and some design personnel and production personnel which were related to this project also attended this voyage ceremony. 
        1200G/T Deep Sea Purse Seiner is another type of high-end deep sea seiner that we built with reference to the advanced fishing vessel design concept from Japan and Taiwan. Deep sea purse seiner is one of the most high-tech deep sea fishing vessels known as pearl of crown in the field of fishing vessel. Compare with last generation deep sea purse seiner in service, our deep sea purse seiner enhanced moderately in the aspect of the length, breadth, main propulsion plant power, generator power, hydraulic lifting capacity and power etc. so that the stability is greatly enhanced,the deadweight added,the speed improved and also the operation.  
         The successful delivery of“PACIFIC JOURNEY 888” deep sea purse seiner means Jinglu Ship Industry made a new level on deep sea purse seiner design and build which is significant to promote the upgrade, update of our country’s deep sea fishery equipment and enhance our country’s deep sea fishery international competition.
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