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8 vessels of the 12th dock period undocking successfully in JINGLU SHIP INDUSTRY
02-23-2014  | Hits
         The vessels of the 12th dock period undock successfully in JINGLU SHIP INDUSTRY on February 22,2014. These vessels include six 77m saury/squid fishing boat.
        (Hull NO.: JL0060(F)/JL0082(F)/JL0083(F)/JL0112(F)/JL0113(F)/JL0138(F))、one 300T Fishery Administration Ship(Hull NO.:JL0131(G))、one 100T Fishery Administration Ship(Hull NO.: JL0136(G)).The owners were PENGLAI JINGLU FISHERIES LTD.;NINGBO YONGFA OCEAN FISHERIES CO.,LTD;SHANDONG PROVINCE OCEAN AND FISHERY SUPERVISION MONITORING CORPS;PENGLAI FISHERY SUPERVISION AND MANAGEMENT STATION.Expected until early May 2014 all delivered.  
        Two 77m saury/squid fishing boat JL0112(F)/JL0113(F) of this dock out,were built for NINGBO YONGFA OCEAN FISHERIES CO.,LTD by JINGLU SHIP INDUSTRY.Due to the excellent quality of products,we have won the full affirmation from shipowners and ship inspection department.And the company added four sister-ship with shipbuilding orders on 21st.This is once again inspired us,and make us more determined to make a good determination of ocean fishing.
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