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Warmly celebrate the successful launching ceremony of the 26-meter fire boat
07-09-2019  | Hits
  On July 8, 2019, the launching ceremony of "Lupeng Fishery Elimination 60001", a 26-meter fire boat built by our company for Penglai Marine Development and Fisheries Bureau, was successfully held at No. 1 jetty pier. Vice Mayor Zhai Yulei and Director Liu Zhenwen of the Bureau of Marine Development and Fisheries attended the launching ceremony.

  Lupeng Yuxiao 60001 is a multi-purpose fire fighting vessel with a total length of 26 meters, a width of 6 meters and a depth of 2.8 meters. It mainly undertakes fire fighting and rescue work for fire-fighting vessels in fishing ports and at sea. It also has the functions of ice breaking, sea surface cleaning and temporary towing. The vessel uses two WD10C240-18 main engines with a speed of 11.0 knots and two sets. High-pressure fire water cannon with a range of 60 meters has strong fire fighting ability and wide service area. The vessel will be put into use at the end of the month, providing a strong guarantee for the safety of fishing vessels and fishermen's lives and property in our city.

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