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Jiayi 178, a semi-submersible large-scale intelligent cage platform built by Jinglu Shipping Industry, was successfully delivered and departed from port.
06-08-2019  | Hits

  On June 8, 2019, the semi-submersible large-scale intelligent net cage platform "Jiayi 178" constructed by Jinglu Shipping Industry for Changdao Jiayihai Treasure Development Co., Ltd. was delivered smoothly. The cage platform is the first set of large-scale marine fishery equipment built by Jinglu Shipping Industry, which greatly expands the product line of Jinglu Shipping Industry.

  The cage platform is mainly used in marine aquaculture, marine sightseeing, marine fishing and recreation and other fields. It adopts a number of leading domestic design concepts: 1. Intelligent fish feeding system, which provides the best fish feeding scheme in real time and automatically through large data; 2. Underwater ecological monitoring system, through real-time monitoring and analysis of fish growth environment, provides the best feeder for fish. 3. The underwater fish activity monitoring system realizes the underwater fish activity monitoring through various subsystems, feeds automatically, and induces fish activity through acoustooptic signals; 4. Through the common disease monitoring system of fish, it realizes the automatic trapping of diseased fish and the automatic early warning of fish diseases. At the same time, using cloud data, the growth and survival of fish can be real-time transmitted to the headquarters of feeding center and the mobile phone APP of staff.

  The net cage platform was safely docked on June 7, 2019, and delivered and departed on June 8, creating the fastest delivery and departure record of Jinglu Shipping Industry. It fully embodies the practical, efficient and capable work style of Jinglu Shipping Industry and lays a solid foundation for accelerating product transformation and expanding the marine equipment market in the future.

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