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The Naming Ceremony of 82000 DWT Bulk Cargo Ship in Jinglu Shipping Industry was successfully completed
05-30-2019  | Hits

  On the morning of May 29, the naming ceremony for the 82000 DWT bulk carrier built by our company for the Greek CHARTWORLD Shipping Company was held in Beijing-Lu Shipping Industry. More than 50 people attended the ceremony, including representatives of shipowners, BV Classification Society and other leaders and guests.

  At the ceremony, Ms. Wang Xiaoli, the godmother of the new ship, felled the cables for the new ship, named it "STAR ALTAIR (Altair)" and threw champagne, sounded the first whistle for the new ship, wishing the new ship a safe voyage for thousands of miles. During this period, General Manager Antonios Faraklas and Deputy General Manager Yu Gang delivered speeches on behalf of CHARTWORLD Shipping Company and Jinglu Shipping Industry respectively.

  CHARTWORLD is a long-established and highly respected ship management company in Greece. The company and its predecessor ship management company were founded in the late 1960s. Over the years, they have managed a large number of ships of different types and sizes and have strong strength. Most of the ships under control are obtained from their own funds.

  The named "STAR ALTAIR (Altair)" ship is the second of a series of vessels built by Jinglu Shipping Industry for CHARTWORLD Shipping Company. The trial was successful on May 6. The total time of the trial was 43 hours. Its excellent construction quality has been highly appraised and recognized by shipowners and ship inspection, which lays a solid foundation for the follow-up cooperation between the two sides.

  "STAR ALTAIR" (Altair) round naming ceremony was held smoothly, which doubled the confidence of all employees. Jinglu Shipping Industry will continue to make great efforts to meet the new round of challenges.

  Background tips:

  Why does a ship need a godmother?

  In the history of shipping, there is a very long and respected tradition. On the occasion of each new ship's departure, a grand naming ceremony will be held, and a woman will be the godmother for the bottle throwing ceremony, so that the new ship can sail smoothly and safely, just like a godmother praying for her godson.

  Tracing back to the origin of godmother, a long time ago, navigation technology was not yet developed, maritime disasters often occurred. At that time, people believed that the shipwreck was caused by the wrath of the God of the sea. Before launching the new ship, a bottle throwing ceremony was held to pray for the safety of the crew and name the new ship. Bottle throwing is usually done by the captain's wife or a prominent woman who throws a bottle of champagne at the bow of the ship and recites a poem with emotion. This is the gift of throwing a bottle, and the woman who throws a bottle is the godmother of the ship.

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