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Warmly congratulate the successful trial voyage of JL0196 (B) 8,200 DWT bulk carrier built by Jinglu Shipping Industry
05-09-2019  | Hits

  On May 8, 2019, at 10:00 a.m., JL0196 (B), a 8,200-ton bulk carrier built by the Beijing-Lu Shipping Industry, successfully completed its trial voyage and docked smoothly. With the strict requirements and strong support of shipowner and ship inspection, this trial not only took 43 hours to complete 25 test projects, including departure, berthing, main engine durability, EEDI test and ship performance test, but also all the tests were successful once. The trial time is shortened by at least 24 hours compared with the normal trial time of the same type of ship in China. The high standard has met the specifications and technological requirements. The construction quality and performance of the ship have been unanimously recognized and highly praised by the shipowner and ship inspection.

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