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On the eve of the Spring Festival, the shipbuilding industry in Jinglu and Shandong made another great achievement and successfully completed the two major points of docking and ship delivery.
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  On January 24, 2019, with the cooperation of various departments of the company, two ships in the 26th dock period of Jinglu Shipping Industry were successfully released from the dock, including an 82,000-ton bulk carrier and a 900-ton American tuna purse seine vessel.

  On January 25, Jinglu Shipping Industry held a naming and delivery ceremony for the construction of the 8,200-ton bulk carrier "ARIANA" by the Greek CHARTWORLD Shipping Company. Godmother Wang Mingli named and blessed the vessel "ARIANA". General Manager Antonios Faraklas and General Manager Yu Yilong delivered speeches on behalf of CHARTWORLD Shipping Company and Jinglu Shipping Industry respectively. General Manager Antonios Faraklas and Chairman Wang Hong represented Shuang. The party signed the delivery document, and representatives of the shipowner and LR Classification Society attended the ceremony. The construction quality of the "ARIANA" ship has been highly appraised and recognized by the shipowner's ship inspection, which lays a solid foundation for the follow-up cooperation between the two sides.

  The smooth discharge of the two vessels and the successful delivery of the "ARIANA" ship have doubled the confidence of all staff. In the new year, the Beijing-Lu shipping industry will continue to make great efforts to meet the new round of challenges.

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