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Welcoming the New Year, the 1,1800-ton product tanker Xinrun 19 built by Jinglu Shipping Industry left port smoothly.
01-05-2019  | Hits

  On January 1, 2019, Jinglu Shipping Industry successfully departed from Hong Kong for the 1180-ton product tanker Xinrun 19 built by Rongcheng Xinrun Shipping Co., Ltd., ushering in the opening of 2019.

  The ship is the first product tanker of 10,000 tons or more built in the Northern War Zone of China to meet the requirements of national defense. It mainly carries gasoline and light diesel oil. It can meet the oil transportation and emergency supply at sea of the fleet. The sea area is far away from home. It has a B-grade ice area strengthened with a total length of 136.35 m; the length between waterlines is 132.10 m; the length between vertical lines is 128.50 m; the width of the type is 18.40 m; the depth of the type is 10.00 m; the designed draft water is 7.90 m; The weight is about 1180 t.

  In 2019, the shipbuilding industry in Beijing and Shandong will actively participate in the deployment of the major national strategy of civil-military integration. It will never forget its initial intention and make further efforts to contribute to national defense construction.

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