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Five ships of Jinglu Shipping Industry have successfully left the dock to usher in the opening of 2018
01-22-2018  | Hits

  On January 20, 2018, with the careful organization and collaboration of various departments of the company, five new ships were successfully docked in Jinglu Shipping Industry, and the success of 2018 was achieved. These include three 1400 container ships "Dongrun 2", "Dongrun 3", "Dongrun 5", "Fuyuan Fishing 196" and "Fuyuan Fishing 197".

  The launching of three 1400 container ships is for Quanzhou Ansheng Shipping. We constructed them strictly in accordance with the technical specifications. The flatness of the hull's dimensions and sections fully meets the accuracy requirements of the container ship. The diagonal error of the foot of the container is allowed to be 6-8 mm. However, our company guaranteed the accuracy of no more than 3 mm. All the container test boxes were successfully constructed once. The quality of construction is highly recognized by shipowners and ship inspection.

  "Fuyuan Fishery 196" and "Fuyuan Fishery 197" are also another cooperation between Jinglu Shipping Industry and Fuzhou Zhongfan Co., Ltd. Fully reflects Fuzhou Zhongfan's trust in Beijing-Lu shipping industry.

  We will continue to adhere to the quality policy of "meticulous design, fine management, standardized construction, customer satisfaction", and devote ourselves to providing quality products and services for shipowners at home and abroad.

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