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Passenger /RO-RO ships delivered by Jinglu Shipyard to improve Penglai- Changdao tourist industry.
08-21-2017  | Hits
        On Aug. 20th, Jinglu Shipyard delivered 2900 GT RO-RO passenger ships "CHANGDAO JINZHU" and "CHANGDAO YINZHU" to the owner CHANGDAO BOHAI CHANGTONG TRAVELLING CO., LTD.

  Jinglu shipyard starts working on the passenger/RO-RO ships from April, 2016 after receiving 6 orders due to the good reputation. Recently, 4 vessels have been delivered successfully, including above mentioned 2X 2900 GT RO-RO Passenger ship, 1 X 60m RO-RO Passenger ship and 1 X 49.8m Passenger ship for Changdao Xianglong Shipping CO., LTD. Now, 1 X 70m RO-RO Passenger ship for Changdao Xianglong Shipping CO., LTD and 1 X 66m RO-RO Passenger ship for Penglai Ludao Shipping CO., LTD has its sea trial successfully and will be delivered in the near future.

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