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Jing Lu shipping industry, the construction of the fourth fishing vessel inspection practice courses successfully graduated
07-09-2016  | Hits


  July 8, 2016 in the afternoon, was held in 2016 the construction of fishing vessel inspection practice training graduation ceremony in Penglai Zhong Bai Jing Lu Ship Industry Co., Ltd office on the fourth floor.

  Organized by Jing Lu shipping industry Xushao Hu presided, presented a list of outstanding students and excellent paper, certificates for outstanding students and excellent papers winner, presented certificates to all students; subsequently, the outstanding representative of the participants, the squad leader to speak separately. Jing Lu shipping industry Wang Hong chairman made a speech at the meeting, he expressed gratitude to fully cooperate with the Ministry of Agriculture Chuanjian and relevant departments of the strong support and hope that the future can have the opportunity to such cooperation and exchange.

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