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Warm congratulations Comprehensive Scientific Research Vessel "Chuang Xin I " cross-ship and the "Chuang Xin II" ceremony a success
06-30-2016  | Hits

  June 29, 2016, Yantai Institute of Coastal Zone presided over the construction of the 500-ton Comprehensive Scientific Research Vessel "Chuang Xin 1" boat-cum-cross and Institute of Oceanology shallow estuarine 300 ton research vessel "Chuang Xin 2" groundbreaking ceremony in Penglai Jing Lu Parker boat Co., Ltd Wharf successfully completed.

  "Chuang Xin 2" total length of 42.7 m, depth 3.8 m, type 8.5 meters wide, the design load displacement of 450.0 tons, the ship will revolve around research requirements estuary shallow waters and offshore zones, carry out within the scope of ocean dynamic environment, geological environment, ecology comprehensive observation of the marine environment and fishery resources, environment, detection and sampling (including trawl fishery resources) and on-site analysis and so on. Jing Lu shipping industry will live up the expectations, at the conclusion of "innovation a" foundation built on lessons learned, careful organization and construction, to ensure that "innovation two" high quality and efficient delivery to the owner.

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