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The christening ceremony for JL0065(B) was solemnly hold in No.1 pier Jinglu Shipyard
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  The christening ceremony for JL0065(B) was solemnly hold in No.1 pier Jinglu Shipyard at 11:20 Feb 2rd, 2016. The guests including Mrs. Wang Zhen God mother of JL0065(B), Mr. Konstantinidis Nikolaos—New-building Project Manager of Laskaridis shipping, Mr. Petros Stamoy—ISM manager of Laskaridis shipping, Mr. Qi Yong—BV Class/North Area Manager, NC department, Mr. Giannis.Vagias— Laskaridis shipping/ Site Manager, Capt. And Chief Engineer of the Vessel JL0065(B). Mr. Wang Hong-Chairman of Penglai Zhongbai Jinglu Ship Industry Yilong - Deputy General Manager of Penglai Zhongbai Jinglu Ship Industry, representatives of ship-owner and classification society , crew of JL0065(B) and workers of Jinglu shipyard also attend the ceremony.

  Mr. Yu Yilong—Deputy General Manager of Jinglu Ship Industry and Mr. Giannis V. Vagias, — Laskaridis shipping/ Site Manager deliver a speech separately in the ceremony; Mrs. Wang Zhen God mother of JL0065(B) gave the name “GLAFKOS” and her best wishes to the vessel . Next guest exchange gifts each other and the ceremony ended in a harmony atmosphere.

  Mr. Konstantinidis Nikolaos representative of Lavinia Group and Mr. Wang Hong chairman of Penglai Zhongbai Ship industry sign the deliver document of JL0065(B) at 15:28 Feb 2rd, 2016.

  “GLAFKOS”is the 5th 64000DWT bulk carrier which is delivered to Lavinia and its the 17th vessel that Jinglu built for them. This vessel creates the records of sea-trial with 41 hours, trail-close with 8 days, and delivered successfully. Owner approved with ship’s break-through in navigational speed and environmental protection. “GLAFKOS”is the good start of the year 2016 which brings confidence and hope to the staff of Jinglu shipyard, and indicates the accomplishment and miracles in the coming year. Finally wish “GLAFKOS”smooth sailing.

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