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Warmly celebrate "jing lu ship industry third 64000 tons bulk carrier ship named delivery"
08-08-2015  | Hits

    On August 7, 2015, 14:58 points,  Laskaridis Shipping  Constantine's Christian benitez, Mr Nicholas and Jing Lu Ship Industry chairman Mr Wang Hong represent the two sides signed JL0063 (B) the ship delivery documents. 
    August 8, 2015, 11, JL0063 (B) ship naming ceremony in Jing Lu Industry 1 # pier terminal. JL0063 (B) the ship's godmother Allah tile, LAVINIA group new shipbuilding project manager ms Constantine's Christian benitez, Sir Nicholas, LAVINIA group security manager BiDeLuoSi Mr Starr meters, bureau veritas QiYong big north area manager Mr Giannis, owner's factory manager, Mr Vargas, bureau veritas on site, Mr Wei-guang zhang JL0063 (B) the captain, bai jing lu in penglai ship industry co., LTD., deputy general manager in to Mr Long, deputy general manager Mr Guo Shuyuan and representatives of shipowners, substituting, JL0063 (B) the crew and jing lu ship industry employee representatives attended the naming ceremony. 
    Ceremony in Jing Lu, deputy general manager in the dragon boat industry, ravinia's factory manager Mr Giannis, Mr Vargas gave speeches; Godmother ms nooyi will Allah tile JL0063 (B) named "dojdlivoe-leto wonders" and advanced study. Then Jing Lu, deputy general manager in ship industry to godmother give gifts, with Mr Dragon ceremony at the end of the warm and peaceful atmosphere. 
    "Dojdlivoe-leto wonders" is Jing Lu ship industry to deliver the third LAVINIA 64000 DWT panamax bulk carrier, but also for the construction of the ship, bulk carrier, 15, 64000 DWT bulk carrier is my company after the 75200 DWT bulk carrier and a flagship product, achieved a new breakthrough in the field of energy conservation and environmental protection, and quick speed, good performance, won the owner's consistent high praise. The ship's delivery will also be building energy-saving new ship to lay a solid foundation for my company. Jing lu ship industry will continue to uphold "honesty, dedication, challenge, innovation" spirit of enterprise, for the domestic and foreign ship owners to provide good performance, safe and reliable, customer satisfaction of the ship

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