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Jing Lu Ship Industry stage 17 dock undock smoothly
08-06-2015  | Hits
    Jing Lu 17 period dock ship industry session undock on August 3, 2015. 3, started at 9 a.m. on the water to the dock, 40 points gate open. The undocking is the company's 17 ships dock. The docking period, a total of six ships, including two 64000 - ton bulk carrier, 77 meters saury and squid fishing ships, two 1200 - ton American tuna purse Seine boat. 
    The undocking of two 64000 tons of bulk carrier is Jing Lu Ship Industry built for Greece - ravinia group company of the same type of boat fifth, six, because of product quality, won the owner and the classification survey departments fully affirmed. The undocking of two saury and squid fishing boat was built for ningbo hair fisheries co., LTD. The undocking of the 1200 - ton tuna purse Seine boat is made by our company for the abundant blessings of fishery company the second and third Seine ships, built its first before Seine ships have to ocean began to work, and achieved very good results. 
    Jing Lu Ship Industry in a timely manner to adjust the industrial structure, in full on the basis of advantages of Taiwan with the vessel for independent innovation, American tuna purse Seine successively developed a 1200 - ton ship ocean fishing boat ship form, such as technology is gradually mature, Jing Lu also reputation in the industry, ship industry at home and abroad of the owner. 
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