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Warm congratulations "JL0091/92 (F) 1200 gt tuna purse Seine ship left port smoothly"
09-19-2015  | Hits
   11 a.m. on May 30, JingLu ship industry of Taiwan shun he fishery fishery co., LTD., built 1200 gt tuna purse Seine ships delivered smoothly and departure, is the company's delivery of the third and fourth this series of ship. 
   1200 gt tuna purse Seine is my company developed a high-end deep sea fishing boats, tuna purse Seine boat was known as the pearl on the crown of fishing industry, is one of the highest technical content among deep sea fishing boats. Its market value and panamax bulk carriers. 
   Considering the characteristics of the tuna fishing operations, the ship of the refrigeration system using ammonia medium, adopts the brine freezing method, ensure the quality of frozen fish. At the same time, the safety of this ship type in ammonia system maintenance, monitoring and alarm, ventilation, emissions, the corresponding technical measures in such aspects as crew protection, effectively improved the security of the ammonia system operation, amount of frozen ≧ 150 tons/day, brine freezing temperature - 17 ℃ ~ 21 ℃, fish room - temperature 35 ℃, can also according to the need to to 40 ℃, insulation heat preservation adopts infusion method, the cooling efficiency, cooling cost, green environmental protection to realize the span, the system is equipped with the leading role in pioneering. The ship's refrigeration system with international advanced type, the cooling efficiency, cooling costs, achieved across, green, environmental protection is of great significance. 
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