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Warm congratulations on jing lu 500 - ton ship industry to lay a foundation integrated scientific research vessel
05-04-2015  | Hits
    10:58 on April 30, 2015 morning, Beijing lu ship built for yantai coastal zone of the Chinese academy of sciences institute of comprehensive scientific research vessel, a 500 - ton ship lay a ceremony in Beijing lu ship industry was held at the west side of the dock. This is the first aircraft jing lu ship industry to build the integrated scientific research vessel, yantai institute of coastal zone of Chinese academy of sciences Sun Song director, secretary of the Gao Lingyu, deputy director of the Qin Song, director of the China classification society yantai office Chang Fu sun, China classification society industrial company of yantai wakabayashi company general manager and other leaders to lay a foundation in Wang Hong accompanied by chairman attended the ceremony. Then a visit to the 77 meters saury and squid fishing boat and 1200 tons of tuna purse Seine boat. 
   The ship will be on the coastal zone, coastal resources, environmental and ecological comprehensive scientific survey, the Marine disaster emergency investigation and assessment, and develop the equipment testing, access to coastal zone, coastal hydrology, chemistry, biology, geology, meteorology, such as base material, and collaborative platform for land, sea and land data collection, transmission and integration, to the Chinese academy of sciences institute coastal zone of yantai kelp comprehensive scientific research to provide a safe and convenient platform. 
   The construction of the ship is jing lu ship industry to cope with the international shipping market downturn, the positive transformation of the mode of production, adjust the industrial structure, is after the merchant, high-end deep sea fishing boats, official ship successfully create a fist products. 
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