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Warm congratulations on fishing ship construction inspection practice training class seminars and "China yuzheng 37005" out the ceremony has come to a successful conclusion
09-08-2015  | Hits

    On April 10, 2015, built a two-month fishing vessel inspection practice training class symposium in penglai bai jing lu, ship industry limited company was held. The ministry of agriculture fishing vessel inspection bureau chief Li Changjian, Zhong Xiaojin, management office director, deputy director of new, management office deputy director xiao-hua peng tao; Deputy commissioner of ocean and fishery hall Cui Fengyou in shandong province, shandong ocean and fishery supervision and inspection team Ma Xuexin, director of the office, department chief He Yongxue; Shandong province ocean and fishery supervision supervision contingent longkou detachment, deputy division marshal Dong Fenggui; Penglai city vice mayor ming-guang wu; Penglai in Beijing lu ship industry co., LTD., chairman of parker Wang Hong, deputy general manager in the dragon, the chief engineer Sun Zhenlie, deputy general manager wang qiang, and provincial youth fishing vessel inspection bureau surveyor students attended the ceremony.
    Ceremony presided over by hung-ming wang commissar, director wang will be a red flag with five stars awarded "China yuzheng 37005" after the ship's captain, national anthem and flag, horns; Then by cui deputy director-general of the speech; Leaders finally boarded the boat to visit "China yuzheng 37005".
     Jing lu ship industry has been committed to high standards, quality of modern fishery ship under construction, the purpose is to provide technical support for the development of pelagic fishery, over the years at all levels of government under the strong support and help of continuous development of innovation. In 2014, the company became a shipbuilding industry association, vice President of units, and through the ministry of the ship industry standard conditions, became the first to enter the "white list" of first-class level of ship manufacturing enterprises, provincial oceanic and fishery hall awarded "deep sea fishing boats r&d and manufacturing base in shandong province", by the ministries and agencies and provincial Taiwan affairs approval for "(penglai) fishery cooperation exchanges across the Taiwan straits demonstration base". Beijing lu as the only domestic ship industry "deep sea fishing boats built and technology demonstration base" is the third time to undertake the surveyor practice training, the development of fishing vessel inspection will continue to lead the country.

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